Reasoning prolem 6

Reasoning prolem 6

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� Set 18 (Page 42) 297. a. Grana means big; melke means tree; pini hoon means house. big Leli means yellow; broon means hat; flower; froti means garden; mix lelipleka means yellow From you can determine that bicicyle and spadi means race. first part of the word that means begin with spadi. That limits to b and d. Choice b, because we have already wilko means bicycle. the be choice d, a. Dafta means advise; foni is the same as –ment; imo is the same as the lokti means conduct. Since the in the answer choices that hasn’t is krata, it is to krata means state. kratafoni is the only choice that could mean c. In this language, the adjective follows the dionot and blyonot, you can onot means oak. From blyonot and can determine that bly means leaf. crin means maple. Because the comes after the noun, patricrin is the only possible c. In this language, the noun appears first and follow. Since agnos means spider appear first, choices a and d can be Choice b can be ruled out because a. Myn means saddle; cabel means horse; trail; and wir means ride. is the correct c. In this language, the adjective follows the godabim and romzbim, you can that bim means kidney. From romzbako, you can determine that beans. bako means the adjective wax must come after the noun in this language, wasibako is the Tam means sky; ceno means blue; rax apl means star; and mitl means mitltam means bright Gorbl means fan; flur means belt; pixn arth means tile; and tusl means pixnarth is the correct Hapl means cloud; lesh means burst; pin; och means ball; and resbo (choice a) doesn’t contain any of the words needed for cloud nine. We och means ball, so that rules out choices b and c. When you combine hapl (cloud) (nine), you get the correct Migen means cup; lasan means board; walk; cuop means pull; and dansa The only possible choices, then, a and d. Choice a can be ruled migen means Set 19 (Page 46) 309. c. Morpir means bird; quat means house; blue; clak means bell. Choice c, with quat, is the only possible According to this language, slar means jump. The suffix –ing is by –y. b is the only one that ends in the this is the only possible Brift means the root word mili–; the means the same as the English the root word ufton– means occupy; el means the suffix –ied of occupied; and the suffix –tion. (Because ufton choices a, c, and d can be a. Krekin means work; blaf means force; ground; and alti means place. ground, so that rules out choices b and d. Choice c isn’t correct because blaf That leaves choice a as the only Pleka means fruit; paki means cake; walk; treft means butter; and alan alanpaki means Pesl means ligen means court; room; olta means and test. Because strisi means room, it must be present in the answer, so that rules c. Choices a and d are incorrect means and olta means That leaves choice b as the only a. Jalka means happy; mofti means birthday; party; mento means good; and the suffix –ness. We know the include the suffix –ness. The only uses that suffix is choice Mallon means blue; piml means light; tifl and arpan means “rasp” in word piml, which means light, is the word That rules out and c. Arpan in choice b means “rasp,” so out choice b. That leaves choice d the a. Gemo means fair; linea means warning; report; mitu means card; and gila Thus, gemogila is the correct Apta means first; ose means base; epta larta means ball; and buk means oselarta means c. In this language, the root word taga, care, follows the affix (relf, o–, or in the word the root word and the affix would be reversed in the The only choice, then, is tagafer would mean less a. Malga means peach; uper means cobbler; juice; mogga means apple; and jelly. moggaport means Set 20 (Page Valerie signed a legally binding document her to pay a monthly rent for her and she has failed to do this for the months. she has violated a. Jake damaged Leslie’s camera while it was in and he has agreed to for the cost of the This is the only situation in which an that is not based on evidence. Choices a and c reflect in which are made based In choice b, Mary is not to be true. She is simply wishing made a different Choices a, b, and c do not describe which a product is Only choice d reflects a situation in which a seller attests to the quality of a product by giving the buyer or assurance about its c. Malcolm is the only person returning to a that he has been away from for period of The realtor is using a clear when she states that a house which is eleven from the ocean is prime c. Although the ski at Top of the Peak Ski School do work choice a does not describe anyone applying for In choice b, the statement likes to work outdoors tells us about seasonal or for it. And although choice d business with seasonal hours, it does a person applying for seasonal c, on the other hand, very a person, Lucinda, who is applying for a job as a summer waitress at a beach is dependent upon a season of the After getting some good news, Jeremy and a few friends casually get together for a work, thereby having an informal Choices a and c describe more formal types of Choice d describes a chance kind of a. The fact that Jared is in scoring position due to his blooper indicates that he has hit the ball and is now a base runner; he completed his time at bat. Choices b and c both describe in which a called, but they do not state that the batter has been put out or that he is now a base d describes a situation in which the Mario, is still at the plate waiting for the next c. Although choices a and c both describe only choice c describes a is the result of one of the two in the of a five-day assault or or we can Franny’s which is the result of spray painting school property, will be a Since the any about we can assume that Lillian’s does not fall into the five-day This is the only choice that indicates that period of play is taking place the winner of a game that ended in a Simone’s mother has taken legal steps to person to act on her behalf. is the only choice that indicates that a power of attorney has been Jeffrey’s recent behavior is clearly a. Although choice d also mentions a writer who has died, it does not state that one of the was published after her death, only that she received an award. Choice a states wasn’t around to see the early his novel, therefore implying that before the book was The options depict living Set 21 (Page Seeing four girls another in of her backpack, is the of the incidents The situation described indicates that practice presents some specific namely that it is a busy a child There is also some that even highly might not be cut out for office. There is nothing to suggest (choice a) or James (choice c) would be a good fit for Dr. Miller’s practice. Kathy has and she is also with children. However, the fact that she hopes to become a preschool teacher in future indicates that she be the kind of that Dr. Miller needs. Lindy with her hands-on working as well as a degree from a hygiene program, is the most for the position based on the c. The Treehouse is the only can thrive in shady Choice a climate. Choices b and d require bright Since Eileen’s husband does not enjoy choices a and c can be ruled b, although casual, doesn’t sound it would be the kind of special evening that Eileen is looking d, which is owned by a former and is described as and of a baseball sounds Eileen’s husband, who is described as a fan and a man with simple This option is both near the center of town and in a location (near a school and an ice where children and their parents are sure to be around. This is the only option that of Mark’s c. This is the only option that would to think of the bakery as a shop visit regularly and not just on a. The four women seem to agree that the out with the letter J. Three of them the plate ends with 12L. Three of that the second letter is X, and a think that the third letter is K. The that has all of these common is a. 342. a. All of the men agree that the first three 995. Three of them agree that the is 9. Three agree that the fifth 2. Three agree that the sixth number is 6; three others agree that the seventh number is also 6. Choice a is the best choice because it is made up of the numbers that most of the they Step 4 clearly states that the human should issue the new employee c. Step 2 of the states that the get about current living Ms. to do Actresses #2 and #3 possess most of traits. They both have red hair eyes, are and are in Actress #1 is very tall and is only in She also has an olive #4 is of very slight build and is in thirties. She also has blue c. The solicitor described as #2 has a shaved head and is much taller and heavier than the described as #1 and #3. and d, which include #2, can be ruled #1, #3, and #4 have such that the correct answer is Set 22 (Page 57) 347. c. Since Erin’s parents think a dog would not be happy in an we can that the family lives in an We do not know if Erin’s parents dislike a) or if Erin dislikes birds (choice is no support for choice It is to conclude that Mike and dancing because he looks doing these things at music camp. There is no that supports any of the c. Given the the that could be true is that the fruit should not be eaten because it is There is no support that taxol is or that taxol has cured anyone (choices a and b). There is no support for choice d. 350. a. Because Mr. Sanchez spends many hours dur- ing the weekend working in his vegetable it is to suggest that he work. There is no to he does not like classical music. Sanchez likes to cook, there is indicates she cooks (choice c). Mrs. Sanchez likes to read, but there is no regarding the types of books she The passage tells us that Tim’s commute him because he was always able to sit down and read or do it is to assume that has become less schedule change, because it is very he can no longer find a seat. There is given that supports choices a, c, and The first sentence makes this statement is no support for choice a. The us that the spa vacation is more the island beach resort vacation, but mean that the spa is choice b cannot be even though the paragraph says that was relieved to find a room on there is no to c, which says that it is usually book at the spa at least six months Since the seahorse have declined as a result of fishing, their if seahorse fishing is banned. There is no support for any of the other a. The fact that Vincent and Thomas live on the same street indicates that they live in the There is no support for any of the other If Georgia is older than Marsha and Bart is older than Georgia, then Marsha has to be of the three. Choice b is clearly Bart is the oldest. There is no in the paragraph to support a or choice c. 356. c. If there were seven shows left and five this means that only two of the possibly be dramas. Choices a and b may be true, but there is no evidence to as fact. The fact that all of the does not mean that prefer sitcoms (choice d). 357. c. Since the paragraph states that Marlee is cousin, Sara must be older There is no to support