PeakTech 1200 - USER MANUAL

PeakTech 1200 - USER MANUAL

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This product complies with the requirements of the following European Community Directives: 89/336/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and 73/23/EC (Low Voltage) as amended by 93/68/EC (CE-Marking). Overvoltage category III 1000V; pollution degree 2. CAT I: For signal level, telecommunication, electronic with small transient over voltage CAT II: For local level, appliances, main wall outlets, portable equipment CAT III: Distribution level, fixed installation, with smaller transient overvoltages than CAT IV....

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1. Safety product complies with the of the Community 89/336/EC and 73/23/EC as amended by 93/68/EC category III 1000V; pollution degree 2. CAT I: For signal level, with small transient over voltage CAT II: For local level, main wall outlets, portable equipment CAT III: level, fixed with smaller transient than CAT IV. CAT IV: Units and which are supplied overhead lines, which are stand in a risk of a i.e. on current input, counter. To ensure safe operation of the equipment and eliminate the danger of serious injury due (arcing), the following safety must be observed. Damages resulting from failure to observe these safety are exempt from any legal claims * Do not use this for This is intended for use in over voltage category II according to IEC 664. For measuring exceeding 1000V DC / 750V AC, 20A. * The must be set up so that the power plug can be removed from the socket easily. * Prior to of the equipment to the mains outlet, check that the available mains voltage to the voltage setting of the * Connect the mains plug of the equipment only to a mains outlet with earth * Do not place the equipment on damp or wet surfaces. * Do not cover the slots of the cabinet to ensure that the air is able to circulate freely inside. * Do not insert metal objects into the equipment by way of the slots. * Do not place water filled on the equipment (danger of in case of knock over of the * Do not exceed the maximum input ratings (danger of serious injury and/or of the * The meter is designed to withstand the stated max voltages. If it is not possible to exclude without that or for other reasons, these voltages are exceeded a suitable must be used. * Replace a defective fuse only with a fuse of the original rating. Never fuse or fuse holding. * test leads or probe from the measuring circuit before switching modes or * Do not conduct voltage with the test leads connected to the mA/A- and the * The 20A-range is To avoid damage or injury, use the meter only in circuits limited by fuse or circuit breaker to 20A or 4000VA. * To avoid electric shock, power to the unit under test and discharge all any * Do not conduct current with the leads connected to the of the * Check test leads and probes for faulty or bare wires before to the To avoid electric shock, do not operate this product in wet or damp Conduct only in dry clothing and rubber shoes, i. e. on isolating mats. * Never touch the tips of the test leads or probe. * Comply with the warning labels and other info on the * The is not to be to operated * Always start with the highest measuring range when measuring unknown values. * Do not subject the equipment to direct sunlight or extreme humidity or * Do not subject the equipment to shocks or strong * Do not operate the equipment near strong magnetic fields (motors, etc.). * Keep hot soldering irons or guns away from the * Allow the equipment to stabilize at room before taking up for exact * Do not input values over the maximum range of each to avoid damages of the meter. * Do not turn the rotary function switch during voltage or current otherwise the be damaged. * Use caution when working with voltages above 35V DC or 25V AC. These Voltages pose * Replace the battery as soon as the battery indicator “BAT” appears. With a low battery, the produce false reading that can lead to electric shock and personal injury. * Fetch out the battery when the meter will not be used for long period. * wipe the cabinet with a damp cloth and mid Do not use abrasives or solvents. * The meter is suitable for indoor use only * Do not operate the meter before the cabinet has been closed and screwed safely as terminal can * Do not store the meter in a place of * Do not modify the equipment in any way * Do not place the equipment face-down on any table or work bench to prevent damaging the controls at the front. * Opening the equipment and service – and repair work must only be performed by qualified don’t belong to children Safety Before any please read the following safety to avoid any possible bodily injury and prevent this product or any other products connected from damage. In order to avoid any danger, this product is only used within the range Only the qualified can implement the Prevent the Fire or Bodily Injury. Use the proper power line. Only use the power cord specially provided for this product or that has been approved to be used in this user state. Connect or When the probe or testing wire is connected to the power do not connect and the probe or testing wire freely. Product product is grounded through the power lead grounding In order to prevent any electric shocking, the grounding conductor must be connected to the ground. guarantee that this product has been already grounded correctly before any with its input or output terminal. Connect the probe The grounding end of the probe to the grounding don't connect the grounding end to the positive phase. Pay attention to the of all In order to prevent any fire or electric shock risks, please pay attention to all the nominal values and marks of this product. Before implement any for this read the user's manual of this product to the about the rated Do not make any without the cover If the cover or panel been removed, please don't operate this the proper fuse. Only the fuse complying with the specified type and nominal value for can be used. Avoid touching any exposed circuit. When the product is on power, please don't touch contacts and parts. Please don't make any while there is an uncertain fault to this product, please contact the qualified personnel for check. Keep a good Please consult the detailed in the user's manual so that this product can be erected keeping it under a good Please do not make any in a moist Please do not make any operates in an explosive Keep the products surface clean and dry. Terms and Symbols Terms in this manual. The following terms may appear in this manual: Warning. A warning statement indicates the and actions which may endanger the life Note. A note statement indicates the and actions which may cause damage to or other property. Terms on the product. The following terms may appear on this It indicates that there may be an immediate injury to you when you encounter this mark. that there may not be an immediate injury to you when you encounter Note: It indicates that there may be damage to this product or other property. Symbols on the products. The following symbol may appear on the products: Voltage Please Consult the Manual. Ground End Earth End on the Shell Grounding End for