Đề thi tham khảo Môn: Anh Văn – Mã đề 029

Đề thi tham khảo Môn: Anh Văn – Mã đề 029

Thể loại: Ôn thi ĐHCĐ
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Đề thi tham khảo Môn: Anh Văn – Mã đề 029 I. 1. a. own b. down c. power d. tower --> a 2. a. whistle b. cattle c. settle d. battle --> a 3. a. humour b. flour c. rumour d. honour --> b 4. a. bush b. rush c. push d. pull --> b 5. a. socket b. regret c. bullet d. rocket --> b 6. a. matter b. sad c. barn d. catch --> c II. Find the mistake: 7. One of history's most were that of Damiens, the assassin of Louis XV of France. a. One of b. most c. were d. c 8. Studying the science of logic is one way to cultivate one's reason skills. a. Studying b. science of c. way to d. reason d 9. A farmer's tractor is like a powerful horse, as it plows field, pulls trailers, and moves heavy loads. a. is like b. as it c. field d. moves c III. Grammar and 10. In some schools, the teaching quality is worse than used to be. a. they b. it c. them d. that b 11. You can go into this part of the building in case you have a special a. b. allowance c. permit d. agreement --> c 12. Mary is to it. a. too young b. too c. enough ability d. very pretty a 13. “How can we out together what we’re to do if we never talk about it she cried in a. test b. find c. search d. work --> d 14. It is city that we have got lost. a. a such big b. such big c. such a big d. a very big c 15. When the front door bell rang, my sister was of making a cake. a. at the center b. on her way c. halfway through d. in the middle --> d 16. My father is working in a. a building b. a building with thirty stories c. a building d. a thirtieth story building c 17. It’s very difficult to be control of those children. a. under b. in c. with d. over --> b 18. I just heard something ………….. on the public radio station. a. be b. be c. d. d 19. My for a trading licence was . a. held down b. turned down c. put down d. let down --> b 20. I him recently. a. see b. saw c. have seen d. will see c 21. He has told me never here again. a. come b. comes c. came d. to come --> d 22. I don't know where a. is Nancy living b. Nancy's living c. did Nancy live d. has Nancy lived b 23. I along the river at half past eight tomorrow morning. a. will drive b. will be driving c. drive d. am driving --> b 24. What would you have done if you a lot of money? a. had b. will c. had had d. have had c 25. It is said that a rise in the salary is just now. a. out of sight b. out of control c. out of date d. out of the question --> d 26. The are the people who are not able to hear. a. dead b. deaf c. blind d. mute b 27. The left Michael quite with rage. a. dumb b. silent c. mute d. --> b 28. I'd like to an to see the doctor. a. do b. say c. organize d. make d 29. It was very quick of him to assert his authority the younger children. a. on b. to c. over d. at --> c 30. He acted promptly. He ……………. the child from drowning. a. saved b. kept c. brought d. took a 31. He used to find with his son’s friends. a. blame b. lack c. mistake d. fault --> d 32. Henry drew all his money the bank before he left. a. of b. off c. out of d. to c 33. me to buy some fruits when I go downtown. a. Remind b. Remember c. Mention d. Make --> a 34. You'll get a better of exchange at a bank. a. rate b. value c. worth d. charge a 35. Paul’s in his work is very amazing. a. b. interest c. thought d. concern --> b 36. I am so Mum. Can I eat this cake? a. hungry b. angry c. thirsty d. sweet a 37. In the middle of all the panic, Susan phoned the police. a. silently b. calmly c. d. mildly --> b 38. He who ………… the piper calls his wife. a. makes b. pays c. gives d. does b 39. They took the baby to church to be a. b. c. named d. baptism --> a 40. The are every two years. a. had b. made c. taken d. held d 41. He his wife and children and went abroad. a. demanded b. won c. gained d. deserted --> d 42. Is Peter going to the meal? a. pay b. bite c. feed d. pay for d 43. Don’t be too hasty and draw the wrong . a. outcome b. judgment c. d. opinion --> c 44. You go to the dentist's before your toothache gets worse. a. ought to b. ought c. rather d. better a 45. They agreed to call off the strike on that all those dismissed were a. terms b. condition c. request d. demand --> b 46. Could you lend me 20 pounds? I am a bit short money. a. of b. off c. with d. from a 47. Remember to send a for Uncle Chang’s funeral. a. garland b. wreath c. d. bouquet -->b 48. They run everyday to keep a. fat b. fit c. faint d. upset b 49. It takes a while to to your after a long flight. a. adjust b. fit c. settle d. balance --> a 50. Look! The is feeding the lions. a. keeper b. pianist c. postman d. engineer a