Beginning Microsoft Office Live P1

Beginning Microsoft Office Live P1

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Microsoft Office Live is not an online version of Microsoft Office. It’s a complete web solution for individuals and small businesses. It includes domain-name registration, web hosting, built-in web-design tools, custom domain e-mail accounts—such as [email protected]— and a few other knickknacks to boot.

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Beginning Microsoft Office Live: Build Your Own Web Site Quickly and Easily If you’ve dreamt of building your own web site but aren’t quite sure how to go dream come true—with Microsoft Office Live is a great new service for building web own web site with Office Live, even if you don’t know anything about web This book shows you how to build your own web site with Office with building web sites is neither necessary nor you need to know is how to point your browser at a web site and bring up a web page. If you’ve built a site or two before with other tools but are new to Office beyond what Office Live books will show you. If you want to build a great new web site with Office Live, look no further; let Office Your Own Web Site Office Your Own Web Site Microsoft Office Live: Build Your Own Web Site Quickly and 1 Office Live 10 Building Web Pages 14 Your Web Site 1 Office Live Web Sites with Your Bare Web Your Domain Name to Your Web Site . What Is Office Live Basics . Office Live . Office Live Premium . What Office Live Is Not . Office Live and Your Domain a Windows Live ID for Your Office Live Account and Your Public Web Site . Taking Charge of Your Office Live Account . The Public Web Site . Office Live’s a Blueprint of Your Web Site . Office Live’s Naming and Storage . Naming Web Pages, Images, and Files 10 Building Web a Web Web Pages the Web Site from Another Computer . Web Site Summary 14 Your Web Site Your Web Site for Uptime and Your Web Site from a Disaster Your Site from Office Live’s Backup . ■RAHUL PITRE has worked with web sites and the World Wide Web in a runs Acxede, a company that builds web-based for small Office Live is not an online version of Microsoft includes web tools, custom domain e-mail as Live comes in three versions: Basics, and Office Live, the little guys can ability to build a public web site, however, remains the crown jewel of Office can build one with Office Live’s isn’t enough to build a great web site; knowing how to use the tool book is a concise guide to using Office Live goes on to show you how to plan a web site from scratch and build it with Office visitors to your web site. an usable, and easily web site. If you’ve never built a web site before, this book will help you become a workable web- and it shows you how to fulfill your as an Office Live 2, “Building Your Site,” you to the best practices in building good web It walks you through building a skeleton of your web site. you make the most of your web site. the basics of keeping your web site looking fresh and updated before giving you an idea of the you should plan on reading this book if you’re new to Office of the book covers a distinct aspect of building and a web site with Office To build and maintain a web site with Office Live, you’ll need the A to any version of Office you can view a web site built with Office Live on any computer using any mentioned is required to build a web Live is quite a use Windows Live Mail as your e-mail client, download and install the free Microsoft Office Express 2007, or explore one of Office Live’s more web site at Office Office conmen, and all have web sites these days. web sites in exchange for good a few years ago, building web sites was like brain mortals couldn’t do You had to hire geeks with goatees and long hair to get a web site up and run- Now anyone can build his or her own web site, thanks to yet site- A recent addition to such tools is Microsoft Office Live, the subject of this the edition that’s right for building your web site. But you can’t really what Office Live does for you unless you know how you would build and publish web sites with your bare Web Sites with Your Bare Hands To build and publish a web site, you need to do a lot more than simply create web pages. 2. Build web pages. 3. Find space for your site on the Web. 6. Point your domain name to your web server. A domain name is really the address of your site on the Web. If you want people to you open an account at a web you publish your web site, you must come back to your web site to point the domain name to your web Web Pages The first step in building web pages is to decide what goes on them. Web pages text on your web pages is called copy. web pages have their own language called Hypertext Markup Language the look and feel of your web pages, which is why designers like to to buy a tool such as Microsoft Web or Adobe site in one Saturday afternoon with these tools while watching TV with your kids, building a web site with these tools is not have a web site, even if it does nothing more than sit on your who maintain web servers for a living are • Domain name: The name your web site is known by. My web site is Web server: A computer dedicated to serving web pages by itself; it needs a special software program to do so. a web server. • Web storage space: The amount of disk space available to you on your web server for storing someone requests a web page, the web server sends back the HTML page • Hosting service provider (HSP): The company that connects your web server (and, your web site) to the Mail server: A computer dedicated to e-mail for a domain. • E-mail account: A unique e-mail address in a domain. • Hosting plan: A package of services that usually includes a web server, An allotted amount of space on the web server’s hard disk your web speaking, setting up e-mail accounts has nothing to do with your web have links on your web pages for visitors to contact you via site goes live. You have to sign in to that account on the HSP’s web site to create you find a home for your site on the Web, you have to transfer the site from your C: drive to the web server using a program called an FTP server from your FTP Your Domain Name to Your Web Site Even though you have a domain name, built your web pages, and copied them to your web server, you’re still not can’t reach your web domain name to your web server and your mail you can see, building web sites with your bare hands is quite a process in which • Manage four sets of user IDs and for your web site, one for your HSP’s web site, one for your FTP account, and one for your Install and learn two software web site design tool and your FTP client. • Include a site design tool • Feature an FTP client, or even better, allow you to build your web site directly on your web server • Set up domain pointers for your web site in your domain records • Provide tools for managing your web site after you build it What Is Office Live? The name Microsoft Office Live has a familiar ring to Live has nothing to do with Microsoft Premium, which happen to be marketing terms for Free Web Site, Cheap Web Site, Web Site, Live Basics As its name suggests (for once, thank Office Live Basics is the edition of Office Live. It is a package complete with simple tools, e-mail accounts, and assorted bells however, do not appear on the public face of a web site built with Office Live, don’t appear on the public face of Office Live the site’s interface (see Figure 1-2) and e-mail pages carry appear only in a web site’s Sites and Web Public web site: What web site generally web sites are visible to anyone on the Web. • Intranet: A web site for the use of people within an Extranet: A web site for sharing with clients, partners, and other fact, Office Live itself is an that runs on an server called Microsoft Office Server: platform for building intranets and Live has site built in. For a free package, Office Live includes quite a few e-mail accounts (i.e., 2 GB of stor- • Web Designer, a built-in and tool • Detailed web site traffic build a web site with Office Live Basics, you must use Web Designer; you can’t use any If you don’t know HTML or don’t want to bother learning it, Office Live Basics is if you already have a web site, you might have to scrap it and build a new one from scratch with Office Live’s Web can build web pages with Office Live’s Web Designer even if you don’t Only Office Live Basics are limited to using Web you’re an Office or an Office Live Premium you can use a design tool of your choice e-mail accounts that come with Office Live Basics are glorified Live lists Microsoft Office Express 2007 as a feature of Office it free of charge, even without an Office Live get free technical support for any aspect of their Office Live Basics Live Basics is an package for and small in need of simple web sites with a few pages and e-mail web site, if you’re unhappy with your current web site, or if you’re still making do with Hot- mail take a look at Office Live Live Live sets you back $19.95 per with an Office Live Basics along with several features and a Live features include the Fifty e-mail accounts (such as 2 GB of storage • Web Designer, a built-in and tool, as well as the ability • Detailed web-site traffic reports • Office Live Business Contact Manager, a customer tools, but the site you build with Web Designer won’t be with other web page you see in your web page doesn’t know anything about the Web pages in their simplest form don’t maintain Office Live includes e-mail addresses for 50 But most over Basics is Office Live Business justify the $19.95 monthly tab, Office Live includes Microsoft can think of as temporary web sites that you can Live offers better technical support Live you get you get with an Office Live along with A to Office Live Premium includes the Fifty e-mail accounts (such as 2 GB of storage • Web Designer, a built-in and tool, as well as the ability to • Detailed web site reports • Office Live Business Contact Manager, a CRM Live Premium ramps up storage space and the number of accounts as the in Office Live Office Live Premium’s and sites The Expense in Office Live A site, in Office Live Premium’s lingo, is a container to group and hold Office Live Premium is only for those that have the need set of people, Office Live Premium will make perfect sense to Summary of Microsoft Office Live Web to customize web sites with other tools No Yes Live Basics Beta was the package even then. ble to those of Office Live did not include domain or a public web site. At some point, Microsoft decided that Office Live didn’t make Office Live Is Not for some types of web can’t build the following types of web sites with it: • Online (Yes, you can sell on eBay using Microsoft Office but that’s not the same thing as selling on your own web site.) • Complex web sites that require code The Office Live platform is just these shouldn’t deter you from Office Live for your web Many small only need web is, sites that provide you dismiss Office Live, ask yourself whether your site really needs a blog or a Would these features really add value to your web Live may be the right platform for you after Live is new platform for and small web site with Office Live without spending a penny. • Building a simple web site is not hard, but you need a good how the Web works, with several tools, and a few online • Office Live attempts to simplify your life by providing you need to build a web site under a single Office Live comes in three and version and is for simple web intranets or extranets in addition to a simple web site. • All editions of Office Live include a built-in design tool called Web building simple but web sites without spending a penny. • Office Live and Office Live Premium include tools for online • Office Live is not the right platform for building advanced web such as In the next chapter, I’ll go through the for opening a new Office Live wants • A domain name for your web site • A Windows Live ID for signing into your Office Live can’t sign up for Office Live unless you have all web server has an IP address someone wants to request a web page from your web server, that person’s com- I could tell people to go visit my web site at if I really, truly wanted to, but I So I tell them that my web site is located at web server’s full name is other people also have web servers named www, there is no way to my from, say, web server, which is also named www. web server’s family I suffix my web server’s name, www, with my domain name, Now my web server is web server is www is simply the name of the server a web site sits on. I could have named my web server Joe My site’s web address would then have been I don’t have a web site on a server named www.joe, they would get a to own a web server named or domain name, I contacted a registrar that I found on the Web. A