Báo cáo hóa học: " Papillomavirus pseudovirions packaged with the L2 gene induce cross-neutralizing antibodies"

Báo cáo hóa học: " Papillomavirus pseudovirions packaged with the L2 gene induce cross-neutralizing antibodies"

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L2 gene induce Current vaccines against HPVs are of L1 protein into and they have been shown to protect against natural HPV16 and HPV18 and with L2 protein in the L2 protein contains with L2 protein or L2 peptides does high titers of anti-L2 HPV types, we have produced HPV58 encoding the HPV31 L2 protein and compared to induce with that of HPV L1 and HPV L1/L2 The titers of against HPV16, HPV18, HPV31 and HPV58 induced in Balb/c mice were compared after with Low titers of were detected in mice when immunized with L1/L2 VLPs, and the highest levels of were observed in mice immunized with HPV 58 encoding the HPV 31 L2 The results obtained indicate that high levels of are only observed with encoding the L2 and 12 to 72 copies of L2 minor capsid with L1 into (VLPs) induces high titers of that the induced by HPV vaccines L1 VLPs both vaccines and against HPV45 is to combine many types of L1 VLPs to minor capsid L2 protein has emerged as in animal models of infection than L1 VLPs L2 protein and L2 peptides are than L1 VLPs, and it has been the of the L2 protein into L1 VLPs does not increase the anti-L2 response due to of L1 have to be if such an L2- mid encoding the HPV 31 L2 protein within HPV58 L1/ L2 PsV to L1 similar to those HPV VLP L1 vaccines and to induce to L2 protein in order to multiple HPV 209 of the HPV-16 L1 protein [31]. L2 immune serum was kindly provided by of HPV VLP L1 and HPV31 L1/L2 VLPs were produced encoding both L1 and L2 proteins as L1/L2 PsV were HPV capsid genes HPV 58 L1 and L2 L1 and The HPV58 L1 gene was cloned between the NheI and The HPV58 L2 gene was of MCS B of L1 to generate L1/L2 plasmids of 9.1 kbp. L2 ΔNLS (7.4 kbp) used for the of PsV was amino acids 12 to 442 of the HPV31 L2 between full length HPV31 L2 gene [36]. the amount of HPV31 L2 protein exported to the HPV58 PsV the of HPV58 PsV 0.25 μg pIRES HPV31 L2 ΔNLS or 0.25 μg μg of L1/L2 and 1 μl of HPV58 L1/L2 VLPs. PsV using described L2), (Table 1). and 5 received HPV31 L1 and HPV31 L1/L2 VLPs (31 10 μg of HPV31 L1/L2 PsV HEV 7 and 8 received HPV58 L1/L2 PsV plasmid and HPV58 with plasmid of L2SA and detection of anti- L2 protein was expressed in insect cells as a fusion pro- In order to purify the L2 protein from insect HPV16 L2 ORF was adapted version of the wild type L2 using HPV16 L2 F with BamHI and SalI, and the L2 gene was fused to Table 1 of the vaccines used and HPV18, HPV31 and HPV58 titers in mice immunized with the different Gene L1 L2 HPV16 HPV18 HPV31 HPV58 2 DNA L2 (1 μg) - - HPV31 L2Δ - - - - 3 DNA L2 (10 μg) - - HPV31 L2Δ - - - - 4 31 L1 VLPs 31 - - - - 2,800 - 8 58 58 HPV31 L2Δ 60 400 733 of anti-HPV and 18 PsV were and 58 PsV were obtained using a cellular for HPV were assigned a of HPV58 order to generate HPV58 PsV, 293FT cells with the L1/ L2 plasmid encoding the proteins of L1 and of to transduce the HPV31 L2 Blot analysis of L2 protein that L2 was detected two days after L2 contained in the HPV31 PsV obtained in the same cellular Cos-7 cells, HPV 58 L1/L2 PsV to be 20 times more efficient than HPV31 L1/L2 In view of this result, HPV58 immune response in mice immunized L2 were not detected in were in mice immunized with HPV31 L1 were detected at similar levels in mice immunized with control PsV (groups 6 and 7), with these control the anti-L2 was higher in mice immunized with HPV31 in mice immunized with HPV31 L1 or VLPs and HPV31 HEV PsV (groups 4, 5 and 6), Low titers of were only observed in HPV31 L1L2 VLPs (group 5) and HPV31 against HPV16 and HPV18 were were detected in mice immunized with HPV58 PsV dies to HPV31 (GMT = 50 ± 315) were detected in (with a with HPV16 and HPV18 were only detected in with the with GMTs of 60 and tion with L1 and L1/L2 VLPs were compared, it L2 protein into the of VLPs. L2 protein assembled in L1 VLPs is (groups 6-7) compared to L1 VLPs (group the low anti-L2 immune response (GMT 855 antibody titers are generally of magnitude lower than the anti-L1 even low capsid was detected using the L2 was detected L2 rabbit antiserum (lane 2). L2 protein by Western blotting using HPV31 L2 (lane L1 Figure 2 Detection of HPV16, HPV18, HPV31 and HPV58 these mice, L2 protein a weak L2 response (GMT = 348), to HPV 18, 31 and with higher doses of L2 protein (100 μg) in of HPV 31 L1/L2 VLPs to HPV 31 L1 VLPs suggested that, due to antigenic HPV L1/L2 VLP of a The HPV16 assay HPV 31 and 58 assays performed that the HPV16 assay is 3.5 less sensitive than the HPV58 assay and 4.2 less sensitive than the HPV31 were not detected in mice the low HPV16 titers observed in mice immunized with (group 8) those of HPV18 and with PsV encoding the HPV31 L2 L2 de novo synthesis of HPV 31 L2 from the L2 gene ing against HPV16 and a more in mice immunized with the HPV58 L2 (group 8) and not in mice immunized PsV encoding GFP (group titers observed in mice to the de novo of L2 protein due to of the HPV31 L2 plasmid, since the mice fact that the highest L2 antibody titers As the HPV31 L2 protein encoded by the L2 ΔNLS plasmid may be part of the HPV 58 PsV this HPV31 L2 might have a role in the The HPV 31 L2 fact, HPV31 L2 protein was still the presence of HPV31 and HPV58 L2 in the the deleted HPV31 L2 should be not necessary in mice immunized with have induced would block the of the HPV31 L2 HPV16 and 31. novo expressed HPV31 L2 protein and was not a boos- ter effect due to the immune response to L1 and L2 GMT of 733 in mice immunized with PsV encoding the HPV31 L2 protein were that L2 protein assembled into VLPs is more than L1 after with encoding the L1 are a in addition to chimeric L1-L2 VLPs or L2 anti-L2 produced the HPV58 PsV, in the of VLPs, of and studies and helped to draft the MF produced the HPV31 PsV, to and of L2 within the L1 protein prevents the of viral by to L1 and L2 capsid and AL, Touzé A, L, ND, Coursaget of two linear epitopes within the L1 vaccine on risk of vaccine against infection with Human (HPV; Types 6, 11, 16, and 18) L1 L2 of rabbit contains against papilloma by with L1 or L2 protein of rabbit MS: of cattle with bovine type 4 L2 of bovine prevents of L2, the minor capsid induces serum antibody that across broadly epitope of L2. Adams RJ, Roden RB: with HPV16 L2E6E7 fusion protein in Shi W, Liu J, Huang Y, Qiao L: a novel V, Fleury M, L, Gaitan J, Sizaret PY, Touzé C, Roden R, Kirnbauer R: Chimeric L1-L2 major capsid protein of human type 16 A-L, Touze A, L, Sizaret PY, Munoz N, Coursaget of human type R, Booy F, Cheng N, Lowy DR, Schiller JT: L1 Becker KA, Florin L, Sapp C, Sapp M: of human RB: L1 domains of l2 necessary for with the L2 gene induce of HPV VLP of L2SA and detection of anti- L2 of anti-HPV of HPV58 immune response in mice immunized with VLPs and