The sat in exam 5

The sat in exam 5

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5658 11/21/05 6:41 PM Page 12 � How Do I Motivate Myself to you don’t have unlimited time to spend preparing for the SAT. How can you maximize the study time you do have? The first rule to remember is: How you study is as important as how much time you spend study you need to focus all your attention on the material. Your attitude must be: At in this place, this is the most important thing to me. Phone calls are less important right now. TV less My social life is less I’m studying for the SAT. I’m preparing for my Your does your future hold? To a large extent, the decisions you are making right now will determine the that question. Take a minute to think about what you want. Maybe the future seems a little hazy to you. You don’t need to have your entire life planned out yet. But some part of you most likely knows what you want out of college, so focus on that for the start with choosing a school. What kind of campus do you want to be on? Large? Small? What are students like? What subjects are you looking forward to H A P T E R SAT Study Skills and 11/21/05 6:41 PM Page a visual image of yourself on a college If you have a dream college, practice seeing there. like this are a powerful motivate you to work toward your dreams, and that helps make your dreams your you know where you want to be, at least in a general sense. Keep that vision in your mind and use it whenever you are tempted to neglect your study plan. It can be hard to stick to a study plan. There are things you’d rather be doing—you may feel at times with the size of or anxiety about your chances for These are all common problems, and you can them. This book will show you how. � How to key to success in this endeavor, as in so of life, is to take things one step at a this giant task down into first step toward studying is to map out your study decide what skills you need to You may want to take a practice test to help your strengths and Then, write type of question and how well you scored on it. Now you can your study time. no matter what you score, you will get practice. You practice learning to drive a car, to play soccer, or to play an and as you you get better. Taking the SAT is no take a look at how much time you have and the test date. Get out your calendar and time is available to you for studying. Your life may be pretty busy now, but there’s bound to be you spend on less (like TV) that you could use to make your college true. Make a to yourself, and it. One way you can help yourself stay motivated to study is to set up a system of rewards. For example, if you keep your to study for an hour in you get to watch your favorite If you stay on track all week, you get to go This is a game you play with so you only win if you play by the rules. As it’s not a lot of fun if you cheat. And that the ultimate way to win is to excel on the SAT and attend one of your Learning way to make studying easier for yourself is to know how you learn best. Are you a visual learner, learner, a learner, or some of the three? A visual learner likes to read and is often a Often, she finds it hard to follow oral or even to listen, unless there’s something to watch, a visual learner studies, she can make good use of graphic such as charts and cards will appeal to her and help her learn, if she uses colored markers. It will help her as she learns a word or auditory learner, by contrast, likes oral He may find written materials confusing or He often talks to himself, and he may even when he reads. He likes being read aloud to. An auditory learner will want to say things aloud as he studies. He could even make tapes for himself to them later. Oral is an tool for him. Making up rhymes or other devices will help, and he may like to music as he works. A learner likes to stay on the finds it difficult to sit still for a long time and tap her foot and wave her hands around She learns best by doing rather than learner may want to walk around as she practices what she’s learning. Using her body STUDY SKILLS AND 11/21/05 6:41 PM Page form images in your mind ➧ use color codes ➧ use flash say things out loud ➧ record tapes for explain things to write down ➧ walk or move around as you study ➧ act it remember things. Taking notes is an of knowledge for the as is making flash is important to note that many people learn in a mixture of styles, although they may have a for one style over the far, you’ve gathered You know what you need to learn. You’ve thought about to help you absorb what you’re learning. Now it’s time to think about where you’re going to study and what kinds of things will enhance your learning know that to do your best work, you’re studying, you need to be focused, alert, Your undivided attention must be on the task at hand. That means you have to set up your study time with a lot of The first thing you can do is ask yourself: where, when, and how? 1. Where do I like to work? Where do I feel and free from a space where you can focus on studying for the SAT without or What time of day is best for me to study? When am I at my most alert and focused? Are conflicts with other duties that need to be worked out with family you can, it’s a good idea to set a regular and make the people around you aware of your study schedule. You can expect more for your efforts if you let family friends know you are working to achieve a goal and that you need to stay focused. And, be sure to let them know you their when you receive is one weekly time slot that is the very best time to prepare for the SAT, the weeks leading up to the test. That time morning. Why do you think that Saturday morning is the time you the actual exam. If you practice taking the test and work on improving your on Saturday mornings, your mind and will be ready to operate at peak you really need them. 3. How do I study best? What kind of works best for me? Each person is different when it comes to Some people need quiet to others like listening to music; some snacking when they study, while that food slows them down. Is there Your Learning 11/21/05 6:41 PM Page picture of your will help motivate you to study for the exam? Consider these questions when a place and time to prepare for the SAT. no set rules for studying, as long as it is for you. Now that you have a good idea where you will study and what kind of you want to create for yourself and you’ve ideas for how to motivate yourself and on track, it’s time to learn some study Study book will give you a solid of about the SAT. As mentioned you may also want to get a few good building as & Spelling 20 Minutes a Day and 1001 and some math review books, such as Success in 20 Minutes a Day, SAT Math 1001 Math and writing guides like Essays in Just 20 Minutes a Day and SAT You may also want to consult the The Official SAT Study Guide, which is the that contains actual SAT will also want to gather some other study use them for your SAT a good such as Webster’s 11th Edition ■ a notebook or legal pad dedicated to your pencils (and a pencil or pens ■ a or several in different colors ■ index or other note cards ■ paper clips or sticky note pads for marking pages ■ a calendar or personal digital already working on this step. For updates SAT, you can go to your high school guidance office to Using these can be sure to find out where and when the exam is being offered, as well as how much it will cost. To sign up to take the SAT, you can: 1. Register online at the College Board’s This site also other Get the SAT Bulletin from your guidance office. The Bulletin contains form and other important about the exam. 3. Call to speak with a from the College course, you also need to find out what kinds you will encounter on the exam. You a bit about the kinds of questions on the SAT, 3, 4, and 5 will talk about the questions and give you more study tips and them You can also obtain from your high school or Seek out that right will need it as you set up your study a Study Plan You have thought about how, where, and when you You’ve collected your tools and gathered Now you are ready to create your study plan. Here are the If you have not done so already, take a You can use the questions in Chapters 3–5 of this book or take one of the tests in the The Official SAT Study Guide. To effective study plan, you need to have a of exactly what you need to STUDY SKILLS AND 11/21/05 6:41 PM Page to Studying 1. Take a practice test. 2. Analyze your List your strengths and Determine your time your study plan. 6. Analyze your practice test results. No your results are, don’t worry about look at each question as you score it, and for each incorrect answer, ask yourself the Was there something I needed to know that I didn’t know? If so, write down the skill that question. Make a list of the skills you need to learn and devote extra time to them. b. Did I the question? The is that, with practice, you will better at the SAT’s Did I make a careless mistake on the mistakes include the wrong bubble on the and simple such as one word or number for another. If you are making careless mistakes, you need to work on focusing. Again, this gets easier Make a list of your strengths and weakness. Use your analysis of why you missed the missed. Now you know what specific math and verbal skills you need to work on, and you know what skills you need Determine your time frame. Decide how you can devote each day and each week to your SAT Be realistic about how much time you have will go on, with all its other demands. Once you know how much time you have, estimate how long you have to work on each specific task you have set You may find it useful to break down exam sections by question type. You may have to your work in various on how much time you have to and in which subjects you can most your study plan. “Learn by April 1” is not a useful plan. The first priority on your study plan should be to go through so you can absorb the study tips and for the exam. Then, set up a study schedule based on the amount of time you have left before the exam. Rather than study at once, practice one or or question types at a It Down Many people get when a task seems too big. It seems like they will never reach the end. it’s a good idea to break down all big this one, into smaller, more bits. goals for yourself, for example, “This week, I on mastering sentence is a much more task than for the SAT,” even though it moves you in Establish positive momentum it, one step at a 11/21/05 6:41 PM Page 17