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Tham khảo tài liệu 'đề số 28: đề thi tuyển sinh đại học cao đẳng môn: tiếng anh', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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Ñeà soá 28 ÑEÀ THI TUYEÅN SINH ÑAÏI HOÏC CAO ÑAÚNG – NAÊM 2002 Moân: Tieáng Anh – Khoái D (Thôøi gian laøm baøi: 180 phuùt) Caâu 1: (ÑH: 10 ñieåm, CÑ: 15 ñieåm) Choïn moät töø/nhoùm töø thích hôïp cho moãi choã troáng trong nhöõng caâu sau. Vieát chöõ A, B, C hoaëc D öùng vôùi töø/nhoùm töø ñaõ choïn vaøo phaàn traû lôøi. 1. In recent years, more and more for things with credit card. A. pay B. paid C. are paying D. have been paying 2. What people Benetton stores is that the quality is always high. A. like B. like very much C. like about D. like a lot 3. Paolo would like to by the time he is forty. A. travel B. be traveling B. be going to travel D. have traveled 4. Poverty is a problem in many cities whole families can only afford to live in one room. A. when B. where C. even D. if 5. The world would be a better place if everyone showed as John. A. as much B. so much C. too much D. much 6. He turned on the TV, I though was rather A. and B. so C. that D. which 7. My car would not start Jenny’s started A. whereas B. though C. however D. 8. They stayed for hours, which I was very ……………………… A. annoyed B. annoyed about C. annoying B. annoying me 9. That was a very strange question A. you ask B. you are asking C. for asking D. to ask 10. a movie to be it has to have an story. A. so that B. In order that C. in order for D. In order to Caâu 2: (ÑH: 5 ñieåm; CÑ: 5 ñieåm) Choïn töø coù phaàn gaïch döôùi ñöôïc phaùt aâm khaùc caùc töø coøn laïi. Vieát A, B, C hoaëc D vaøo phaàn traû lôøi. 11. A. hear B. clear C. bear D. ear 12. A. heat B. great C. beat D. beak 13. A. blood B. pool C. food D. tool 14. A. B. unique C. unit D. undo 15. A. mouse B. could C. would D. put Caâu 3: (ÑH: 20 ñieåm; CÑ: 20 ñieåm) Xaùc ñònh daïng thích hôïp cuûa töø cho saün trong ngoaëc ( ) vaø vieát caùc daïng töø ñoù caøo phaàn traû lôøi. 16. The duty of the police is the of law and order. 17. Our tomatoes are nicely; they’ll be ready to eat in about a week. (RIPE) 18. Look at this picture of Bill and his father – you can see the clearly, can’t you? (LIKE) 19. He said “Good morning” in a most way. (FRIEND) 20. Playing for the national team for the first time was an for Hong Son. (FORGET) 21. “This is not a good essay,” said the lecturer. “I find your arguments 22. It’s a lovely old house, I agree, but can we afford to it? (MODERN) 23. George and I have been friends since : he used to live next door. (CHILD) 24. In winter it is important for farmers to provide food and for their animals. (WARM) 25. Pele Ronaldo to take part in 2002 World Cup. (COURAGE) Caâu 4: (ÑH: 20 ñieåm; CÑ: 20 ñieåm) Tìm moät töø thích hôïp cho moãi choã troáng ñöôïc ñaùnh soá töø 26 ñeán 35 vaø vieát töø ñoù vaøo phaàn traû lôøi. In the world today, there are 5,000 to 6,000 living languages (26) which English is by far the most widely used. As a (27) tongue, it ranks second only (28) Chinese, (29) is little used outside China. 350 million people speak English as their first (30) About the same number use it (31) a second language. It is (32) English language that is used as the language (33) aviation, sport and pop music. 75% of the world’s mails is in English, 60% of the world’s radio stations (34) in English and (35) than half of the world’s are printed in English. Caâu 5: (ÑH: 10 ñieåm; CÑ: 15 ñieåm) Ñoïc ñoaïn vaên duôùi ñaây vaø vieát caâu traû lôøi ngaén goïn cho moãi caâu hoûi töø 36 ñeán 40 vaøo phaàn traû lôøi. For thousands of years, the ancient art form of Feng Shui has played a major role in Chinese life. Feng Shui means “wind and water” and it is based on an of the between people and the It involves changing the design of your living or working space to improve your fortune. For instance, soon after a Hong Kong moved his business to a new his business began to do very badly. He called in Feng Shui experts. They told him that because his new office block was round, it was like a huge and all the energy was burning off through the roof. They said that the only thing he could do to prevent his loss of energy was to build a swimming pool on the roof. The followed their advice, and his business started to do well. In recent years, Feng Shui has become popular in many western where companies such as B & Q have started to seek advice from Feng Shui experts. Before this store was opened, Brian Ingliss, the manager of one of B & Q’s stories in Britain, consulted a Feng Shui expert. The expert advised him to create a lot of free space around the store. Brian followed the advice, and within a year, the store was the most B & Q store in the country. 36. What kind of does Feng Shui concern? 37. According to Feng Shui, what’s wrong with a round building? 38. What did the Feng Shui expert advise Brian to do? 39. How did Brian’s store benefit from following this advice? 40. What can be said about the writer’s attitude, towards Feng Shui? Caâu 6: (ÑH: 20 ñieåm; CÑ: 25 ñieåm) Vieát laïi caùc caàu töø 41 ñeán 50 sao cho nghóa cuûa chuùng vaãn khoâng thay ñoåi. Moãi caâu vieát laïi ñöôïc baét ñaàu baèng nhöõng töø cho saün ôû beân phaûi. 41. It’s common knowledge that he has been in prison several times. - He is known 42. “I hate to be by the film star said. - The film star objected 43. She can’t get into the habit of studying every evening. - She can’t get used 44. I regret not paying much attention to the lecture. - I wish 45. Perhaps I didn’t get a better job because I didn’t study hard enough. - I might 46. Please don’t mention it again. - I’d rather 47. Ms. Quyen began teaching Chinese ten years ago. - Ms. Quyen has 48. We haven’t visited the museum before. - This is 49. Peter missed the train because he woke up too late. - If Peter 50. The robber forced the cashier to hand over the money. - The cashier Caâu 7: (ÑH: 15 ñieåm) Söû duïng nhöõng töø/cuïm töø cho saün trong caùc caâu töø 51 ñeán 60 ñeå vieát thaønh caùc caâu hoaøn chænh veà nhaø vaên Jack London. Anh/chò coù theå duøng theâm töø vaø nhöõng bieán ñoåi caàn thieát nhöng khoâng ñöôïc boû baát kyø töø naøo ñaõ cho. Thí sinh chæ thi cao ñaúng khoâng laøm phaàn naøy. 51. Jack London/ life and writings/ American/ love/ adventure 52. Jack London/ born/ San 1876 53. He/ quit/ school/ fourteen/ become/ sailor 54. He/ travel/ good deal/ during/ short/ lifetime 55. He/ travel/ many/ place/ Europe/ United States/ Far East 56. 1897/ Jack London/ 21/ year/ old/ gold/ discover/ Alaska 57. He/ answer/ call/ adventure 58. He/ take/ part/ famous/ “gold rush” 59. wild/ northern country/ provide/ material/ many/ later/ stories/ novels 60. novels/ include/ The Call of the Wild/ The Sea-Wolf ÑAÙP AÙN ÑEÀ THI TUYEÅN SINH ÑAÏI HOÏC CAO ÑAÚNG – NAÊM 2002 Caâu 1: Goàm caùc caâu töø 1-10 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 1 ñieåm. CÑ: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 1,5 ñieåm) 1. D 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. D 7. A 8. B 9. D 10. C Caâu 2: Goàm caùc caâu töø 11-15 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 1 ñieåm. CÑ: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 1 ñieåm) 11. C 12. B 13. A 14. D 15. A Caâu 3: Goàm caùc caâu töø 16-25 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2 ñieåm. CÑ: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2 ñieåm) 16. 17. ripening 18. likeness 19. friendly 20. 21. 22. modernize 23. childhood 24. warmth 25. Caâu 4: Goàm caùc caâu töø 26-35 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2 ñieåm. CÑ: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2 ñieåm) 26. of/ among 27. mother 28. to 29. which 30. language 31. as 32. the 33. of 34. broadcast 35. more Caâu 5: Goàm caùc caâu töø 36-40 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2 ñieåm. CÑ: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 3 ñieåm) 36. The between people and the 37. All the energy burns off through the roof (and it’s bad for business) Hoaëc: All the energy was burning off through the roof (and it was bad for 38. To create more free space around the store 39. Within a year, the store was the most B & Q store in Britain 40. Positive/ Approving Caâu 6: Goàm caùc caâu töø 41-50 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2 ñieåm. CÑ: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 2,5 ñieåm) 41. He is known to have been in prison several times 42. The film star objected to being by Hoaëc: The film star objected to criticism by 43. She can’t get used to studying every evening 44. I wish I had paid more attention to the lecture Hoaëc: I wish I had been more attentive during the lecture 45. I might have got/ gotten a better job if I had studied harder 46. I’d rather you didn’t mention it again 47. Ms.Quyen has taught/ has been teaching Chinese for ten years 48. Yhis is the first time (that) we have visited the museum Hoaëc: This is our first visit to the museum 49. If Peter hadn’t woken up too late/ so late, he wouldn’t have missed the train Hoaëc: If Peter had woken up earlier, we wouldn’t have missed the train 50. The cashier was forced to hand over the money (by the robber) Caâu 7: Goàm caùc caâu töø 51-60 (ÑH: moãi caâu ñuùng ñöôïc 1,5 ñieåm. CÑ: khoâng laøm phaàn naøy) 51. Jack London’s life and writings the American love of 52. He was born in 1876 in San Francisco 53. He quit/ quitted school at 14/ when he was 14/ at the age of 14 to become/ and became a sailor 54. He traveled/ traveled a good deal during his short lifetime 55. He traveled/ traveled to many places in Europe, the United States and the Far East 56. In 1897, when Jack London was 21 (years old), gold was in Alaska 57. He answered the call of adventure 58. He took part in the famous “gold rush” 59. His in the wild northern country provided him with material for many of his later stories and novels Hoaëc: His in the wild northern country provided material for many of his later stories and novels 60. His novels include/ included The Call of The Wild and The Sea Wolf