Trade disputes

Trade disputes

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One member government believes that another member government is violating an agreement or a commitment made to the WTO

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Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Trade dispute a trade dispute in WTO? One member believes that another member is violating an agreement or a made to the WTO – “Unfair” levies – initial purely national Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Ari WTO dispute on and of schedules for formal dispute process – complaint to Dispute Body – expert panel – report and proposed process for appeals Ari panel and – 60 days for bilateral of panel – must be done within 45 panel report to parties – max 6 months after of panel, and Final panel report to all DSB members – 3 weeks after parties have received adopted after 60 days if there is no consensus against Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Ari panel’s ruling can be appealed by either examined by three person group from permanent 7-member Body – Appellate Body report in 60-90 days New report accepted or rejected by DSB within 30 days – rejection requires adoption of panel at fault must reform its policy to statement of intent within 30 days – required within period of is to negotiate payment of mutually 20 days for sanctions can be by DSB if is not agreed Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Ari action – of and – should be in same sector – some to retaliate in areas of other WTO of to match injury – by original effective is How can small countries “hurt” the US? Ari disputes 1995-2004 cases reported to DSB 103 panel appellate body 5 cases where has been Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Ari in 5 sales EU complaint about tax benefits to exports. Level of USD 4,043 million. from March 2004. US Act of 1916 – EU request to adopt similar system with “triple damages”. Airplane Canadian complaint about Brazilian Level of CAD 344 million. Not yet in 4 Latin American countries and US complaint about EU banana import regime. Value of USD 393 million. Withdrawn after US and Canadian complaint about EU ban of imports of hormone treated meat Level of USD 125 million. In force, but calls for removal after EU rules revision in late Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Ari Banana case The of the Single Market 1992 required unified banana policy – widely different national interest groups – of EU support to former support to EU consumer interest for cheap lobbying of EU decision makers – effective alliance in favor of 1993 banana free quotas for ACP bananas – based on “best” year before tariff quotas for dollar licensing system for dollar bananas included shares reserved for ACP banana Economics Teaching and Kokko 7 Ari dispute Honduras, Mexico, and Panama file complaint with WTO in 1996 – joined by US, to defend interests of US banana for complaint from WTO panel and Appellate Body – but EU unwilling to change until sanctions were with Catfish next big Modified (GM) food unwilling to allow imports of GM foods – health / safety: GM food may affect human genes – about labeling and tracing GM US strongly opposed to import to take problem to WTO – US would probably win case, but lose publicity war – standing of WTO may weaken if it makes