Đề ôn thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh năm 2013-Đề 12

Đề ôn thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh năm 2013-Đề 12

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EXTRA 12 Find the word that has its part from the other three words in each A. worry C. third 2. A. A. recipe B. slice C. strip D. bribe 4. A. brush B. rush C. push D. crush 5. A. famous B. favour D. the word with the stress pattern different from that of the other three words in each A. A. A. A. A. the best answer (A, B, C, or D) from four There are no obvious reasons why certain frog _______ are from some ones C. _______ are that you have not seen a lion for some time. A. I _______ my hand to draw her attention but she took no _______ of me. A. waved/ notice B. shook/ waved/ shook/ You’d better take his proposal _______ before _______ your final by surprise/ by surprise/ doing C. into account/ into account/ doing 15. It’s high time we _______ something abut the did B. had done C. made D. had made 16. These days everybody is aware _______ the danger of up B. of C. on D. with 17. The of wildlife habitat reserves is a good measure to prevent to feed to benefit from to save I can’t speak English, neither can she B. she can’t either C. she can’t too D. A& B are A mystery is something that must mustn’t can be can’t be We try to help our mother _______ household make B. take C. build D. do 21. United _______ an easy victory _______ Chelsea in match. A. earned/ over B. gained/ over C. earned/ at D. gained/ at 22. are reminded that it is _______ to take photos during the match. A. He repeated the that he had heard word _______ word. A. for B. by C. to 24. We are a very close- A. love    B. knit    C. good    D. Gestures such as waving and are forms A. direct    B. C. verbal    D. non – Whenever he picks up a book, he reads bits here and there or in other words he A. digests B. tastes    C. chews D. swallows 27. The was organized for all of the _______ in the city . A . history B. C . historic D . historian teachers 28. personal I have of working in a for three years. A. Beside In addition C. Instead of D. Apart from 29. are a________ of great pleasure and starting point 30. When young Americans first go to many of them join a or Sorority, social for male and female ________ my complaint to the manager, the waiter was Thanks to B. Because of 32. My arm hurts so much I felt sure I________ it. A. should have broken      B. must have broken C. was have Sally is so because she has complete ________ at B. of C. in D. for 34. She ________ for her parents’ support during her but she preferred to work part-time and support should have could have asked C. must have ought to ask 35. She asked for a second ________ as it tasted so good. A. plate B. dish D. “Where is my bag?”. - There it is B. There is it C. Here you are D. Here are you 37. According to a study, women blink almost twice ________ men. A. more than B. as much as C. many more D. so much that 38. Neither of them will be treated ________ ? A. won’t they B. will they C. won’t them D. will them 39. Wildlife ________ are concerned about the During our stay in Venice, we bought a ________ glass lovely lovely glass lovely perfume glass perfume the passages and the Then choose A, B, C, or D that you think fits The modern comic strip started out as in a newspaper war between giants of the American press in the late century. The first comic strip appeared January 1894 in the New York World, owned by Joseph Pulitzer. The first regular weekly comic similar to today’s Sunday funnies, appeared two years later, in William Randolph Hearst’s rival New York paper, the Morning Both were immensely popular and realized that the news with comic relief boosted the sale of papers. The Morning Journal started another feature in 1896, the “Yellow Kid”, the first comic character in the United States, whose creator, Richard Outcault, had been lured away from the World by the ambitious Hearst. The “Yellow Kid” was in many ways a pioneer. Its comic dialogue was the strictly urban farce that came to later strips, and it the speech balloon inside the strip, usually placed above the The first strip to all the elements of later comics was Rudolph Dirks’s Kids”, based on Wilhelm Busch’s Max and Moritz, a European satire of the century. The “Kids” strip, first published in 1897, served as the prototype for future American strips. It contained not only speech balloons, but a cast of and was divided into small regular panels that did away with the larger panoramic scenes of earlier Newspaper played a major role in spreading the of comic strips the country. Though weekly colored comics came first, daily strips were not far behind. The first appeared in the Chicago American in 1904. It was followed by many and by 1915 comic strips had become a staple of daily around the What does the passage mainly A. A of two popular comic B. The between early and modern comic C. The effects of on comic strip D. Features of early comic strips in the United Why does the author mention Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph A. They New York’s first B. They published comic strips about the newspaper war.    C. Their comic strips are still published today.    D. They owned major The passage suggests that comic strips were popular for which of the following A. They provided a break from serious news B. Readers enjoyed the unusual C. Readers could identify with the D. They were about real-life To say that Richard Outcault had been “lured away from” the World by Hearst means which of the Hearst convinced Outcault to leave the Hearst fired Outcault from the Hearst warned Outcault not to leave the Hearst wanted Outcault to work for the The word “it” refers to A. the “Yellow B. D. According to the passage, the “Yellow Kid” was the first comic strip to do all of the following A. feature  the same character in each B. include dialogue inside a C. appear in a Chicago D. city life in a humorous way 47. The word is closest in meaning to .    A. The word is closest in meaning to A. story B. C. D. model 49. The word “staple” is closest in  meaning to A. regular popular new huge In what order does the author discuss various comic strips in the A. In order by title.    B. In the order in which they were C. According to the newspaper in which they D. From most popular to least American type of football was developed in the 19th century from soccer and rugby football. Played by amateurs, college, high schools, or young children, football in American is one of the most popular sports besides and baseball. It attracts millions of fans each fall and people are very of their favourite teams. The football playing field of today is in shape and measures 100 yards long and 53.5 yards wide. White lines are painted on the playing field to mark off the distances to the end zone. The games is divided into four quarters, each fifteen minutes long. The first two quarters are known as the first half. There is a rest period between two halves which usually last about fifteen minutes. Each team has eleven players. Each team has offensive players (play when the team has of the ball) and defensive players ( play when the other team has the of the ball). Because of the body contact players have during the game, helmets are worn to protect their head and face area, whereas pads are worn to protect the arms, and legs. Also, there are officials carrying whistles and flags to make certain that the rules of the game are followed during the game. The football is made of leather and is brown in colour. It is shaped much like an oval and has white rings near each end of the These rings help the players see the ball when it is thrown or someone is running with it. The eight stitches on the top of the football help the players to grip the ball when throwing or passing. The most famous game of the year is Super Bowl that is played in January or February. It is televised around the world and is watched by millions of people each year. 51. Which is the most popular sport in the US? A. American Soccer C. Rugby It’s not mentioned 52. What shape id the football today? A. circle C. oval D. Why are there white rings on each end of the to mark off the distances to the end zone B. to help players score C. to help players to help players see the ball 54. How long is the break between the second and the third Exactly 10 Around 10 Exactly 15 Around 15 What do pads help the players to the whole body B. their heads C. their faces D. their legs and arms 56. As mentioned in the text, who are most active when their team has the ball? A. the fans B. offensive defensive the What do officials do during the game of Build up among the fans B. spectate the game C. supervise the take up The word “grip” in the passage means to . A. hold something detect take something avoid When is the most famous football game in the fall D. January or Playing American football is the most similar to playing A. rugby the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each history, women have always aimed for the place in Guided by their own of knowledge and women like Marie Curie in science, Mary in literary writing, Simone de Beauvois in debate, and Marie Stopes in medicine, to name a few, have brought about awareness of the role of the women in any walks of life. These women have helped redefine and the nature of women’s place in society. Today the of global women’s and the impact of women’s society show that progress has been made and the progress in the role of women in society has been some benefit to the (68 )_______ woman. It is true to say that not all women have the same need. The need of the woman who stays at home and children will differ widely from the woman who works outside. in the extensive field of equal it would be good to know that access in given to both with equal measure according to the true value of It also would be good to know that the woman at home is as a valued of society just as much as the one who deals on business outside the A. B.  C. D. Upon 62.  A. B. C.  D. A. B. C.   D. A. B. C. D. no A. B. D. A. B.  C.  D. A.    B. C.  D. at 68.  A. C.   D. A. B. C.  D. A. C.   D. the word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be The number of people who survived the Titanic shipwreck in 1912 were quite B C D 72. Children enjoy telling and listening to ghosts stories on Halloween A Gemstones are usually bright, colour, opaque or minerals found in the rocks. A B C D 74. At the beginning radios cost many more than they are today A B C D 75. John as well as his family members enjoy their life in the city. A B C D Choose from four (A, B, C, or D) which you think that is closest meaning to the sentence Seeing that he was so angry, she left the office A. She didn’t want to make him angry, so she left the office B. She left the office when she saw how angry he was C. He grew very angry when he saw her leaving the office D. He wouldn’t have been so angry if she hadn’t left 77. As become more popular, they seem to get worse A. The more popular become the the worse they seem B. The popular the worse they seem C. The more popular worse they seem D. The most popular become, the worst they seem 78. Had he known more about the internet, he’d have invested in some computer Knowing about the internet helped him invest in some computer He didn’t know much about the internet so he didn’t invest in any computer Knowing about the internet, he would have invested in some computer He would have invested in some computer companies without his knowledge of the The meeting was put off because of pressure of time. A. There was not enough time to hold the People wanted to get away, so the meeting began early C. The meeting is planned to start in a short time D. The meeting lasted much longer than usual 80. I wish I had chosen English to study at The speaker studied English and now regrets doing so B. The speaker is not studying The speaker regrets not choosing English to study at school D. The speaker regrets having chosen English to study at 6