Nghĩa từ vựng tiếng Anh 5

Nghĩa từ vựng tiếng Anh 5

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Theme 1: Banking and / 'bæləns / 1. the amount of money that you have in your bank bank balance isn't very the balance of a debt is the amount of money that you still owe after you have paid some of it  The balance is due at the end of the de change noun / bjʊərəʊ də'ʆɒndʒ / plural a shop where you can change foreign account a bank account that you can take money out of at any time, and for which you are given checks to use to pay for account noun a bank account in which you keep money that you want to save for a period of time, and which pays you interest on the money you have in it debit card noun a plastic card with your signature on that you can use to pay for things. The money is taken directly from your bank card noun a small plastic card that you use to buy goods or services and pay for them accept all major credit noun / / the value shown on a coin, paper money, or a noun / dɪ'pɒzɪt / a part of the cost of something you are buying that you pay some time before you pay the rest of it  a deposit of/ put down a deposit (on deposit of 10% is put down a deposit on a house last ask for one month's rent in advance, plus a deposit of $500. 2. an amount of money that is paid into a bank account ᅳ opposite like to make a deposit (=pay some money) into my savings noun / 'siːlɪŋ / the largest number or amount of something that is of a ceiling (on the ceiling (on public spending ceiling of £240 imposed a ceiling on imports of foreign cars. direct debit noun and an you give your bank to pay money directly out of your account regularly to a person or rate noun the amount charged by a bank etc when you borrow money or paid to you by a bank when you keep money in an account noun / ləʊn / an amount of money that you borrow from a bank etc  a loan of  a loan of had to take out a loan to buy my car.  It'll be years before we've paid off the loan.  The was allowed to make loans to private  An loan fund is available for students who find in financial  They were unable to keep up with their loan noun / 'mɔːgɪdʒ/ a legal by which you borrow money from a bank or similar in order to buy a house, and pay back the money over a period of taken out a 30 year mortgage (=they will pay for their house over a period of 30 years).  We decided to use Fred's money to pay off the mortgage. rates are set to rise again in the spring.  She was having trouble meeting her mortgage verb if you mortgage your home, land, or property, you borrow money, usually from a bank, and if you cannot pay back the money within a period of time, the bank has the right to sell your property in order to get the money you owe it  We mortgaged our house to start Paul's noun / / the amount of money you owe to a bank when you have spent more money than you had in your £250 overdraft payee noun / peɪ 'iː / the person or to whom money, a check, must be noun / rɪ'mɪtəns / 1. formal an amount of money that you send to pay for when you send of will forward the goods on of order noun and an by which a bank pays a fixed amount of money from your account every month, year etc ᅳ see also direct noun / / a record showing amounts of money paid, received, owed etc  I haven't received my bank statement for last month verb / træns 'fɜː/ to move money from one account or to something (from to like to transfer $500 to my checking check an accepted check for a sum in a currency that can be exchanged elsewhere for local currency or for goods and is usually against loss or verb [not in to know who someone is or what something is, because you have seen, heard, or learned about them in the past  I didn't recognize you in your uniform.  It was malaria, but Dr Lee hadn't the verb to know and or suddenly begin to etc  I suddenly realized that the boy was sorry, I didn't realize who you were. at =at a time that is best and easiest for someone  These meals can be prepared in advance, and served at your your the bank is open until 7 verb to give official for somebody to do city council staff to purchase a new computer = per annum  a salary of $40,000 per verb / rɪ 'teɪn / to keep something or continue to have have the right to retain of the goods.  The state wants to retain control of food adjective / kə'lektɪv / [only before noun] shared or made by every member of a group or decision made by all board members  our for the adjective / ə 'fektɪv / (medical) relating to or having an effect on the verb / / = end  The court ruled that the contract must be adjective / ɪ'fektɪv / 1. and working in the way that was most effective ways of reducing inner city [no not before noun] if a law, or system becomes it cut in interest rates is effective from 2: / / the activity or business of things on in are spending millions on  the slogan 'Come alive with noun / əd / for  The Sunday papers are full of for cars.  They put an in The Morning News, offering a high salary for the right of the concert had taken out a full page in The New York noun / brænd / a type of product made by a company, that has a name or of  What brand of detergent do you verb / dɪ / to share things among a group of people, in a planned something among/to and blankets have been among the man leaflets to to supply goods to shops and companies so that they can sell is to the local shops by Herald's noun / / [ Countable and ] a new idea, method, or in English must encourage if the company is to remain people feel by the speed of. noun / əb 'dʒektɪv / = goal  He vowed to achieve certain before the end of his degree program has two main should set specific for their main objective was to improve knowledge of noun / 'prɒfɪt / and money that you gain by selling things or doing business, after your costs have been paid ᅳ opposite: daily profit is usually around sold their house at a healthy movies turn a profit.  The property company made a huge profit on the deal. are up by a profits rose last year to $17 group’s pre-tax profits slumped to verb / prə'məʊt / meeting to promote trade between Taiwan and the U.K. 2. ▶BETTER somebody to was promoted to senior To help sell a new product, film etc by offering it at a reduced price or by in London to promote her new verb / 'pɜːtʆəs / = buy can purchase insurance on-line.  Where did you purchase the may be purchased in advance from the box noun and formal something you buy, or the act of buying of paid for her purchases and left.  This product should be consumed on the day of enclose my receipt as proof of noun / rɪ 'zɔːs / 1 vast mineral resources  a country which is rich in natural ETC◀ all the money, property, skills etc that you have available to use when you need had no financial your resources (=put together all the resources that each of you can noun / money that a business or receives over a period of time, from selling goods or have cost £20 million in lost increase in tax revenues of verb / rɪ'vaɪz / to change something because of new or college has revised its plans because of local  We have revised our estimates of noun / 'dedlaɪn / a date or time by which you have to do or complete for deadline of a a deadline (=a deadline that is deadline for is May has to be in before the deadline of July under pressure to meet a deadline set a deadline of Nov 5. submit verb / səb'mɪt / to give a plan, piece of writing etc to someone in authority for them to consider or an etc  All must be submitted by noun / səb'mɪʆən adverb working within a company or have an in-house training unit. caring adjective / 'keərɪŋ / thinking about what other people need or want and trying to help them  a warm and caring man  a caring attitude  The school aims to educate children in a caring verb / 'fəʊkəs / to give special attention to one person or on focus your on felt he needed to focus more on his tried to focus her mind on her work.  We need to focus public attention on this 3: noun / / friendly behavior towards for your over the past few weeks. 2. services such as food and drink that an provides for guests at a special customer service is complex and to all sectors of the / someone who makes, pours, and serves drinks in a bar or noun / 'bevərɪdʒ / a hot or cold beverages noun / 'keɪtərɪŋ / the activity of providing and serving food and drinks at parties, meetings etc for did the catering? verb / 'keɪtə/ and to provide and serve food and drinks at a party, meeting etc, usually as a is the biggest event we've ever catered hostel caters for single people who are unable to find lounge noun a public room in a hotel, etc, where you can buy alcoholic adjective / / given free to was a bottle of champagne in the hotel room.  I've got some tickets for the theatre noun / 'haɪdʒiːn / the practice of keeping yourself and the things around you clean in order to prevent of personal hygiene  a food hygiene training course  The had been shut down following of poor desk noun the desk where visitors go when they arrive at a hotel or noun / 'haʊs kiːpə / someone who is employed to manage the cleaning, cooking etc in a house or noun / 'lændlɔːd / a man who rents a room, building, or piece of land to noun / 'premɪs / premises [plural] the buildings and land that a shop, company etc the premises; on the may earn extra money by renting out their manager escorted him off the wonderful desserts are made on the noun / rezə 'veɪʆən / = booking are advised to make seat well in of ten or more should make advance newcomers were upset that they would be unable to camp there after having made months in verb / rɪ 'zɜːv / = something for like to reserve a table for two.  Do you have to reserve tickets in adjective / 'siːzənəl / [usually before noun] expected, or needed during a jobs in the tourist advantage of something (to do to use a situation to do or get what you want  I took advantage of the good weather to paint the shed.  You'll want to take full advantage of the verb / pɪk / choose a person or thing because they are the best or most for as somebody to do have to pick three courses from a list of 15. I  I wasn't picked for the hockey hotel was picked as the best small hotel in the was picked to run in the 100 noun someone who is below the age at which they become legally for their film contains material for verb / 'tɒləreɪt / to allow people to do, say, or believe something without or punishing dealers will not be tolerated in this = stand, bear  I told him I wasn't going to tolerate his drinking any years the workers have had to tolerate low wages and terrible working noun an official document giving you to own or do something for a period of dealers applied for an export license.  He was arrested for driving without a license.  The Tennessee Valley Authority applied for a license to operate the facility.  I forgot to renew my driving license. adjective / 'laɪsənst / having a license to sell alcoholic licensed adjective / / happening without being planned or intended opposite: an insurance policy that covers verb / kəm 'plaɪ / to do what you have to do or are asked to to comply with the will result in must comply with European gas stations that fail to comply with the law will be 4: noun / / the that are involved in managing the work of a company or looking for someone with in health service spends too much on  the (=the people who do this work)  the college noun / ə'dʒendə / a list of the subjects to be discussed at a next item on the you got a copy of the agenda for noun / ɪg 'zekjʊtɪv / a manager in an or company who helps make important marketing executive  top on high American English a system in which people work a number of hours each week or month, but can change the times at which they start and finish each day  The group members used flex-time without clocks and policed their own team noun / 'ɪntɜːn / someone who has nearly finished training as a doctor and is working in a refused to be treated by an intern and demanded to see a qualified noun / / 1. and a move to a more important job or position in a company or want a job with good prospects for promotion to Senior Editor is now and an activity intended to help sell a product, or the product that is being winter sales noun / 'rezjʊmeɪ / a short written account of your education and your previous jobs that you send to an employer when you are looking for a new noun / / materials that you use for writing, such as paper, pens, pencils / / [only before noun] relating to a woman who is pregnant or who has just had a baby  a blue maternity dress etc leave noun time that a mother is allowed to spend away from work when she has a baby  on maternity will be on maternity leave next 42-clause Bill gives pregnant workers the right to a minimum of 14 weeks' maternity leave noun time that you are allowed to spend away from work because you are sick  on sick has been on sick leave for more than three verb / ə'tætʆ / to fasten or connect one object to something to attached a recent to your fill in and return the attached reply verb / sɪ'lekt / = choose, pick  select somebody for had hopes of being selected for the national as was selected as the site for the research from selected the winner from six somebody to do been selected to go to the verb / ɪ'lekt / usually passive] to choose someone for an official position by somebody to somebody (as) etc  the country's first elected was elected (as) mayor of London in May 2000. Theme 5: code noun a group of thin and thick lines printed on products you buy in a shop, and which a computer can read. It contains such as the noun / 'bɑːgən / something you buy cheaply or for less than its usual are no bargains in the clothes shops at the moment.  That table was a real bargain. of bargain hunters queued up for verb to discuss the of a sale, agreement etc, for example to try and get a lower (with someone) (for/over for better bargained over the level of with register noun a machine used in shops to keep the money in and record the amount of money received from each noun / 'dɪskaʊnt / a reduction in the usual price of of 25% etc  at a somebody a discount (on get a 15% can buy books at a Young Persons Railcard gives you a discount on rail airfares to Europe loyalty card noun a card given by a shop, etc that gives customers who often buy things there such as lower prices, money back on goods noun / 'riːfʌnd / an amount of money that is given back to you if you are not satisfied with the goods or services that you have paid refused to give me a refund.  Return your purchase within 14 days for a full refund.  You should go down there and demand a refund: money that you get back from the when it has taken too much money in taxes from your salary be out of stock/in stock = be or available in a shop)  I'm sorry, that swimsuit is out of stock in your verb if a shop stocks a product, it keeps a supply of it to sell  We stock a wide range of kitchen verb / ʌndə'sel/ to sell goods at a lower price than someone adjective more or further etc  a further 10 miles/5 minutes etc  Are there any further our website for further details.  Cook gently for a further 10 further notice = until you are told that something has ordered the of the elections until further average based on a about how many times something usually happens, how much money someone usually gets, how often people usually do something etc  On average, men still earn more than women.  Nearly 80% of Swiss citizens on average turn out to adjective / 'stætɪk / not moving, changing, or predict that house prices will remain static for a long noun / kən'tendə / someone or something that is in with other people or etc contender (for contender for the new album has to be a strong contender for the Album of the Year noun / pɪə/ [usually plural] formal your peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class children did less well in math than their peers in Japan. rival etc  Sheena left her job and went to work for a rival